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The Parent Practice Media, a unique and ground-breaking training service to the media and communications industry, was launched on 10.10.10 and is a joint venture between The Stevens Company and The Parent Practice.(click here for press release)

Linda Stevens will work with The Parent Practice to provide positive parenting courses, workshops, consultations, advice and on-going support for working media parents, their employers and for other individuals involved in the care of children.

Forward-facing companies use The Parent Practice Media for solutions, action and support. Parent coaching is proving to be a valuable and unique way for employers to support working parents in these challenging times. Helping staff to balance their work and home lives improves motivation, performance, retention and can be an important aid to recruitment.

Recent studies show parenting programmes for staff lead to better team cohesion and performance. Staff become closer, engagement and productivity rise and absenteeism decreases. Working for an employer who understands the needs of working parents can make a huge difference, both to the workforce and a company's bottom line.

Melissa Hood founded The Parent Practice in 2004 and Elaine Halligan, UK Director, joined shortly thereafter. The organisation has an outstanding record of teaching positive practical skills and strategies to thousands of parents and carers facing the daily challenges of raising children. The practice works with over 250 families every year and more than 5000 people have used our services since inception. Many working parents say the communication and problem-solving skills they learn on our courses is invaluable in the workplace!

"The Parent Practice Course, literally changed my thinking about what children need from their parents and what parents and families can gain from some very straightforward and hugely influential skills." Francesca Grade, mother of one.

"In retrospect I would have paid more for this course - it has been SO valuable to us all" Claire Fincham, mother of four.

"Trying to juggle a full-time role with children is tough and can sometimes become an impossibility, so to have advice, insight and support from professional practitioners can only be helpful and at times a lifeline. By re-directing you energies into your daily job a commercial output to employers will definitely be delivered" Linda Smith, Executive Chairwoman, Radio Advertising Bureau and mother of three.

"Raising children is probably the most challenging job you will ever do, succeeding in media is probably the second; we can help with both"
The Parent Practice Media - Success at home = Success at work

For more information please visit our website or call linda stevens on 0207 2281211 or 07775 784340 or send her an email on Alternatively call Elaine Halligan on 020 8673 3444  or 07752 347817

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Established in 1989, the stevens co is an Executive Search and Human Resource Consultancy recruiting on behalf of the Media and Communications Industry in the UK and Overseas.

Prior to founding Linda Stevens held several senior operational posts for companies such as Thames Television, Granada Television, Ogilvy Benson & Mather, Geers Gross and Media Audits and brings first-hand experience directly to the business of Executive Search and HR Consultancy.

For more than two decades the company has built an enviable record recruiting Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Directors and Senior Executives across all disciplines in traditional and new forms of media and communications. acts on behalf of media owners, media specialists, advertising agencies, advertisers and other communication firms in their mission to recruit, coach and retain the best available talent in the marketplace.

In an increasingly competitive business world it is people and not structure and processes that will truly differentiate one media company from another. To find out how we can help your business, contact .

To find out how we can help your business  contact linda stevens on 020 72281211 or send her an email on